English Language and Communication Skills Consultancy

English Courses and communication Skills for Companies

LETA is a leading English language and communication skills provider, creating individualised courses for professionals.  Our curriculum for professionals ranges from conversational English to corporate English.

LETA offers a unique opportunity for English language ‘in the workplace’ assessments and language courses tailored to your organisation.

Through this service, an expert LETA English language trainer commutes to the client´s own work place/ institution, and through observation and evaluation of staff, LETA, in partnership with the organisation, determine the areas of English language improvement required. Following this consultation, English classes are then delivered to staff by the LETA English language trainer focusing on the highlighted needs:

  • Standardisation of corporate communication
  • Cost efficiency through tailored programmes
  • Employee empowerment

Our staff is comprised of native English speakers who are certified language trainers and LETA has a proven track record of delivering high quality English language packages to professionals. We understand that every business is unique and therefore each programme is tailored to meet the specific corporate requirements.

By learning English through LETA’s proven methodology, students will take part in programmes that are engaging, as well as being goal orientated and measurable.

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