Presentation and Public Speaking Skills

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In today’s global market, the delivery of a great presentation is essential for communicating effectively to an international audience. LETA’s ‘presentation and public speaking skills’ workshop cater for non-native English speakers who wish to improve their communication skills and fine-tune the delivery of their presentation.

The workshop is led by our certified and experienced English language trainers with years of experience delivering, training and teaching to first and second-language speakers. Our trainers’ speciality is attuned to business English, including financial English, business small talk and vocabulary, writing correspondence, and presentation coaching. We also offer special skills in improving pronunciation and clarity in oral communication.

During LETA’s workshop, the small group of attendees is invited to deliver a presentation on a subject of their choice. With this format, we will then provide presentation feedback and individualised recommendations. We understand the challenges of learning a foreign language, and our workshops are always creative, open to critical thinking and analysis. We offer a fun learning environment that puts the group at ease and instils confidence.

The session will cover topics including how to:

Improve verbal communication – articulation, enunciation and pronunciation and finding the right words

  • Presentation style and how to engage with the audience

– using appropriate body language, including; gestures, maximizing eye contact skills and voice.

  • Overcome problems with Presentations – reduce speech anxiety and the use of fundamental breathing exercises for proper speech.
  • Plan a Presentation – Key considerations when planning a presentation and organizing your ideas.
  • Simplify complex technical content into key messages with lasting impact
  • Address challenging questions from the audience with confidence

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    Class Length/Time:

    • 2,5 hours per Session
    • 10 hours in total


    • To be determined

    Course Length:

    • To be determined

    Price: 2999,00 Rand 

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