Proposal and Report Writing

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This course will focus on developing the language skills necessary for the specific work environment, covering the important aspects of English and communications skills whereas the main emphasis will be put into report writing and proposal development – structure, articulation and organisation.

Further, this course will enable the student to increase his/her vocabulary, to articulate more aptly and communicate more effectively.

The student would be better able to produce

– clear and concise emails,

– a succinct and lucid Executive Summary

– skills on how to write technical reports clearly and concisely

– knowledge on how to logically organise information

Special attention will be given to skills such as:-

– Enunciation and paraphrasing in formal correspondence and develop an understanding of the basic concepts of effective proposal writing.

Additional assignments will be given to the student in order to strengthen their acquired skills during the course. Assessments will be conducted to provide concrete feedback that helps identify key skills focus areas.

We will devise a personalised curriculum to ensure that all learning aims and objectives are achieved. This bespoke lesson module would entail activities ranging from discussions around work functions, tasks and on-the-job real-life scenarios.

Please note that LETA also offers customised training courses for individuals and packages for company groups.

  • Start Date:
    • Friday, May 8th, 2020 or
    • Friday, June 5th, 2020 or
    • Friday, July 3rd 2020
    • Friday, August 7th, 2020

    Class Length/Time:

    • 2,5 Hours per Session
    • 16:00 – 18:30
    • 15 Hours in total


    • One class per week on Friday

    Course Length:

    • 6 Weeks

    Costs: 3600 ZAR  per Person.

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