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TOEFL stands for Test of English as a Foreign Language and is a US-based test designed to measure reading, listening, speaking, and writing skills for further education purposes.
LETA’s TOEFL Exam Preparation Courses guarantee that you will get the highest quality preparation for these internationally recognized aptitude tests.

Class Length/Time: Fridays 9:00 – 12:00 (6 weeks)

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The TOEFL proficiency exams are taken by students to apply for university degree programmes, or further education college courses of all disciplines where the language of instruction is English. It is also recognized by more than 9,000 colleges, universities and agencies in more than 130 countries. The countries where they are usually a prerequisite for university entrance include the UK, Australia as well as Canada and the United States.  Furthermore, the TOEFL certificate also serves to prove skills and achievements needed for many different kinds of jobs at international companies as well as for various categories of immigration and visa applications for living, studying and working in the UK, Canada, the USA and Australia.

The TOEFL course comprises of the following:

⦁ Our teachers comprise of adept certified English native English speakers who are certified and experienced language trainers. We teach according to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)
⦁ The TOEFL preparation exam course shall cover the important aspects of English such as grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing, listening, comprehension and speaking.
⦁ The language trainer will work with the students to analyse the current capabilities and needs.
⦁ The course also comprises of stimulus materials including practice exam papers which all abide by the iBT. The topics range from private leisure, budgeting, politics, accounting to the government, and the environment.
⦁ Assessment will be given on the writing tasks which will be marked, and feedback and advice given to the student.
⦁ We teach in groups of up to eight students.
⦁ Additional assignments will be given to the students to provide a concrete assessment of his or her progress.

In this course, the student shall learn the techniques such as:

How to maximise your TOEFL score, manage time and how the exam is structured. How to
learn and practice efficiently.
The do´s and don´ts of reading, writing, listening and speaking.


How to use the correct techniques, grammar, organization, tenses and appropriate academic wording.

Learning the structure and organisation of the text. How to improve your grammar skills and use proper punctuation! Eliminate incorrect use of vocabulary. Learn different techniques on how to utilise the TOEFL language tools provided to the student to self-instruct him/herself during the exam. How to write a theses statement. Build more complex vocabulary. How to write coherently. How to organize your essay logically.

How to find the answers quickly and correctly and identify the location of the answers by skimming and scanning. How to understand words you are not familiar with. How to answer the different types of questions within the required amount of given time. Strategies on coping with difficult vocabulary. What types of questions to look out for?

Identifying different question types. How to make predictions. How not to lose too many points, despite not knowing the answer. How to take notes while reading.

Impromptu speaking techniques, how to speak with very little or no preparation. Independent and integrated speaking tasks. Practicing of conversation topics.

The purpose of this training shall help the student to:

⦁ Understand the most pertinent information needed to achieve a high score in TOEFL.
⦁ Improve and gain confidence in his/her writing skills in writing task one and two.
⦁ Write more confidently and efficiently using the correct tools for the TOEFL integrated and independent writing tasks.
⦁ Use efficient language, grammar, articulation and pronunciation in the TOEFL speaking exam.
⦁ Understand and answer the questions correctly within the required given time for the reading exam.

We also provide personal private group and individual courses at your home within in the Northern suburbs of Johannesburg
Our staff is comprised of native English speakers who are certified language trainers and LETA has a proven track record of delivering high-quality English language packages to individuals and professionals.

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