Corporate General English Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced

This course will focus on developing the language skills necessary for communicating daily, covering the essential aspects of English skills such as listening, writing and speaking. Further, this course will enable the student to build a wide range of vocabulary and grammatical structures, giving the individual self-confidence in utilizing the English language.

Class Length/Time:       24 hours – 48 hours depending on the level of English

Frequency:                       To be determined 

Only company corporate classes are available, which can be held online too!

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This course for companies and organisations will focus on developing the specific language skills necessary for communicating in English daily.

Further, the sessions will enable individuals to build their English language syntax, such as a wide range of specific vocabulary and grammatical structures and apply them to essential verbal and written communication for the student to be able to correspond with other English speakers.

These bespoke lesson modules would entail activities ranging from role-playing to enhancing speaking skills such as in real-life situations, as well as basic written correspondence, using the correct verbs and phrases around the daily communication.

In this course, the student will:

  • Learn and improve his/her grammar skills
  • Learn and improve his/her current spoken and verbal English skills during interactive discussions.
  • Eliminate incorrect use of vocabulary
  • Gain self-confidence in using the correct language by learning in a smaller group of up to eight students
  • Learn and improve his/her current writing skills
  • Build more complex vocabulary as the course progresses
  • Learn different techniques of how to utilize the language tools provided to the student to self-instruct him/herself outside of class when communicating in English.

The purpose of this training will help the student to:

  • Use proper grammar
  • Use efficient language in private and or professional situations
  • Improve his/her writing skills
  • Communicate more confidently and efficiently using the correct grammar and vocabulary
  • Build confidence in using English in real-life situations
  • Write short messages